Sounds, Voices and Colors.

The sounds and shades of this moment’s
distinct tones, and hues of waveforms strike
familiar chords at my heart’s strings that
lift me back in time, and with a jolting dip to here and now.

The kaleidoscope of colors immerse me in dreams past
that prophesied bound echoes of your voices,
As thoughts are flung back in time to choices
Made in trepidatious fear of the unknown,
Wondering if I was right or wrong?

For certain you turned out right!
The blooming years melt into infinity,
a black hole of unfulfilled memories.
But, the gloomy nights were mine to bear.

Now, the sunset graciously emblazons the sky,
What sounds and colors will light my path back to you?
I wait to see, still to hear them fall, and sweep my feet, and lift me up
on expansive wings of Glory.


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