The Raging Storm.

The sounds of the season return,
winds whistle our way with ferocious rage…
rains helplessly pound down my window pane
with boisterous intensity.
The skies are thickened with gloomily, grey clouds as
sparks of lightning slice through with electrifying splendor.

as reckless as the fury of a drunken spouse,
rustling leaves conjure melodic notes,
swaying trees back and forth, unabashed.
Mother Nature,

Relentlessly, pounds, speeds through without a care.
A soothing pause, a respite for a few…
Then, illuminating flurry, thundering, gleaming
through the night skies;
In the distance winds howl,
enters another round of fury!

A pacifying pita, pat continue,
a gentle lull to sleep.
Only but for a few, awakened,
Yet another round of roaring lights shattering
through the shutters again and again…

Once more, asleep under the enchanting lull of
the calming force of Mother Nature.
Now and then, trepidation grips,
that the rage yet again, gains control!


7 thoughts on “The Raging Storm.

  1. Could also be a raging storm within….If you know what I mean. Beautiful piece.

    Best Regards,

    Live for prosperity, and die for a just cause……Ayokunbi



  2. A sharp contrast to ‘Sounds, Voices and Colours’

    The storm, indeed has been raging for quite sometime now and I soooo look forward to the calm afterwards.

    ‘Beautiful piece’. I had typed these two words and cancelled and re-typed, only to cancel and and re-type them again. I wonder if I qualify to even critique and commend your work. But my spirit commends you and type my fingers must. Weldone, Aunty Chinyere.


    • Thank you so much. Sorry, I didn’t realize your comment was already here. Yes indeed, there is always a calm, after the storm. Nothing stays the same for long…


  3. Sometimes the storm within replicates that of Mother Nature. The difference is one is appreciated and can be interpreted whichever way one sees it while the one within eats you up…..nice piece


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