Egypt will be fine…

ImageThe problem with most commentary I have read so far about the ousted government in Egypt is that people expect a fledgling democracy to work the way it does in the United States and other developed nations. We want the same checks that are effective for a well entrenched democracy; we want the same ideologies that define their political structure to work every where else democracy is practiced in the world. The truth is the socio-political, cultural, and religious experiences of nations are never the same. Therefore, democracy in developing nations, especially in Africa, at best still remains an experiment whose outcome is yet to evolve.

The majority of the people of Egypt came out in their millions to protest a government that was clearly taking the nation down a path that would not augur well for its people. The people rightfully refused to be complacent, and decided to take action before it is too late.
Egypt, like every young democracy, will stumble, pick up herself and continue to define her own path to a strong and stable government that will be popular and all-inclusive.

The culture of divisiveness has always been the bane of most developing democracies. In a shameless quest to please those in his circle, Morsi’s government violated the people’s human rights; lost legitimacy; and the outcome is a vote of no confidence in his leadership that was played out in Tahrir Square these past few days.

No one should pretend to completely understand or appreciate all the ramifications or underpinnings of the politics of Egypt better than the Egyptians themselves, so they should be allowed to grope their way through this new experience, and they will hopefully emerge the better for it.

I applauded the stance of the youth of Egypt, who clearly are hungry for democracy, but for one that will present a President who will be for all Egyptians irrespective of their religion, sect, or profession; a leader of all her people. In the words of an Egyptian commentator, the people “spoke louder than thunder”. The military heard them loud and clear!  Morsi is ousted!  Aluta Continua!


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