Time stopped…

My morning turned to dusk,
Laughter quieted into wails and my life came
To a halt! Buffeted by the news I never fathomed I’d hear,
My hinds lifted me off aimlessly.

Run, run the winds howled at me.
I heard nothing but the deafening tears that rained down my face.
I was facing the biggest storm ever!


America, the Beautiful!

The beauty of America is in its diversity. I believe that’s why she is fondly referred to as “God’s own Country”..  God is the grand author of diversity; The miracle of diversity is displayed in the whole of creation. God’s creation is beautiful and awesome in its uniqueness, such that no two blades of grass are the same, no two of our fingerprints are alike , yet together, the grass carpets the lawn with such lush of glory and beauty, and we marvel at how distinctly our fingerprints with the help of science celebrate our originality.

Any immigration reform that diminishes this reality diminishes the glory bestowed upon this nation by God. A glory that shines through in the ethos of entrepreneurship, hard work, and a dogged determination to create a life better than the one left behind. That dream is the common thread that binds us all together. 
God bless America! Happy 4th of July.

Egypt will be fine…

ImageThe problem with most commentary I have read so far about the ousted government in Egypt is that people expect a fledgling democracy to work the way it does in the United States and other developed nations. We want the same checks that are effective for a well entrenched democracy; we want the same ideologies that define their political structure to work every where else democracy is practiced in the world. The truth is the socio-political, cultural, and religious experiences of nations are never the same. Therefore, democracy in developing nations, especially in Africa, at best still remains an experiment whose outcome is yet to evolve.

The majority of the people of Egypt came out in their millions to protest a government that was clearly taking the nation down a path that would not augur well for its people. The people rightfully refused to be complacent, and decided to take action before it is too late.
Egypt, like every young democracy, will stumble, pick up herself and continue to define her own path to a strong and stable government that will be popular and all-inclusive.

The culture of divisiveness has always been the bane of most developing democracies. In a shameless quest to please those in his circle, Morsi’s government violated the people’s human rights; lost legitimacy; and the outcome is a vote of no confidence in his leadership that was played out in Tahrir Square these past few days.

No one should pretend to completely understand or appreciate all the ramifications or underpinnings of the politics of Egypt better than the Egyptians themselves, so they should be allowed to grope their way through this new experience, and they will hopefully emerge the better for it.

I applauded the stance of the youth of Egypt, who clearly are hungry for democracy, but for one that will present a President who will be for all Egyptians irrespective of their religion, sect, or profession; a leader of all her people. In the words of an Egyptian commentator, the people “spoke louder than thunder”. The military heard them loud and clear!  Morsi is ousted!  Aluta Continua!


a lone bird chirping,
Spreads a smile
a mile long
from the burden borne.

for a moment
hear hope,
Give way to a new day,
A new day to hope
the best in life
greets you with
a smile.


“What was that code?”

Drained…monotonous bombardments
of highs, and lows,
bounce one to another.
Embedded in cores that measure
safe in caring hands,
serving hearts, endure abuse of peers…
white coats screaming in fashion so insane,
with disdain,
for chores stellar to embrace.

A facade of harmonious chaos pierce
through eyes,
hearts turn cold, cyanotic ceil-blue, and white;
False eyes measure
the conscience to shame.

“Safe Harbor”!
A heart arrests, a code is called,
…red for FIRE!
Fire to live again, fire to exhale …into poetry!

#Soap Notes!

A lesson in judging.

A friend of mine was expressing her dissatisfaction about a pastor who is notorious in her church for singling out tithers for special prayers. The pastor in question, actually calls out tithing members to the altar to pray special blessings for them. After which he goes on to describe those who do not tithe as thieves who are robbing God because they do not tithe. Instead, he claims they spend money on ostentatious purchases, like name brand purses worth more than the money spent on food for the family. He explains that the Gucci bags they’ve adorned themselves with, are bought from money stolen from God. My friend is peeved by these comments, and rightly so.

However, I spoke up in defense of the pastor. If you can afford a thousand-dollar Gucci bag, and not tithing or giving a generous offering to the work of the Kingdom, that you claim citizenship of, and reap all the benefits of, then, you are probably not a good steward of the money God has placed in your possession.

Then again, I thought: who has called me to be the judge over others? God is not only going to hold us accountable for our “purses”, but our time as well; spent unwisely, doing unprofitable deeds, will have to be accounted for. We are all guilty of robbing God in so many other ways.
Your area of robbery may be that you lack control when your eyes fall on a Gucci bag that costs a thousand dollars and you can’t help but buy it, even when it’s way beyond your pocket; and mine might be the allure of a seemingly harmless, but time consuming, interest in watching TV programs like “Dance Moms”, “The Voice” or “America’s Got Talent”. Fancy how many minutes of a God-given day is spent on trivialities that steal our hearts away from Christ.

I believe this is the reason why we have been carefully admonished not to be the judge of others. Your responsibility is to take a good look at the man or woman in the mirror and, judge yourself, so you are not judged; while you’r doing so, I am reminded of a prayer common among the evangelical Christian folks. It’s a prayer of confession that goes like this…
“No weapon formed against me shall prosper,
Any tongue that rises in judgement against me is condemned…”
We pray it with such passion, that anyone sitting or standing around us
would think they were the “tongue” in question.
We forget that many who recant that prayer bring a curse
and condemnation on themselves. We judge others everyday. The ones whom we judge share the same faith in those prayers as we do.
So, the question now becomes: Whose tongue is condemning who?

Whenever you offer that prayer, search yourself so you don’t bring upon yourself curses and condemnation, and then wonder why things are not going right in your life.
Next thing you know, you start binding and casting out demons that are nothing more but the ones you’ve created yourself.
When the urge to judge someone else’s actions overcomes you, remember
you are an overcomer and resist the devil and he will flee from you, not towards you!
When you point one finger at your neighbor, guess how many fingers are saying “back at ya”? Four!
Have a great day!

Sounds, Voices and Colors.

The sounds and shades of this moment’s
distinct tones, and hues of waveforms strike
familiar chords at my heart’s strings that
lift me back in time, and with a jolting dip to here and now.

The kaleidoscope of colors immerse me in dreams past
that prophesied bound echoes of your voices,
As thoughts are flung back in time to choices
Made in trepidatious fear of the unknown,
Wondering if I was right or wrong?

For certain you turned out right!
The blooming years melt into infinity,
a black hole of unfulfilled memories.
But, the gloomy nights were mine to bear.

Now, the sunset graciously emblazons the sky,
What sounds and colors will light my path back to you?
I wait to see, still to hear them fall, and sweep my feet, and lift me up
on expansive wings of Glory.