Xenophobia is not compatible with the Gospel.


I watched a video today that unsettled me as a Christian. It’s difficult for me to let it go without responding. I will hold back on the details of the video because I don’t want to be an instrument for disseminating such divisive information or be a stumbling block to anyone who is not spiritually mature enough to hear it.

It’s very hard for me to accept as true, that there are people who apparently share the same faith with me and believe like I believe, but are blind to the fact that Christianity is not compatible with Xenophobia, Homophobia, and Islam phobia. All phobia means is fear.  This irrational fear of other people, either because they do not come from your race, country, ethnicity, religion or share your sexual orientation and now causes you to show intolerance against them, judge them or even hate them.

As Christians, if we habor fear in our hearts for these groups of people, how are we going to find the confidence to reach them with the gospel? The gospel is a message of love. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind. The bible says that perfect love casts out fear. This spirit of love is given to us who believe in Christ so we can go out into the world and fulfil the mandate to preach God’s sacrificial love to humankind. How can we carry this message of love to a dying world if we already have fear and hate in our hearts for the same people we’re supposed to minister to? That’s hypocrisy! We can’t be effective witnesses with all that baggage. God does not want to use vessels that can’t carry His love in their hearts. 1 Corinthians 13 describes such a person as an empty vessel…”If I could speak all languages of the earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal”… a messenger, without a message!

I think that often Christians forget who Christ actually died for.  He died for the ungodly- “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly” the bible says. He did not die for the “saints”. If we were already saints then he didn’t need to die. He died to make us into saints, to bring us into right standing with God, so now when we accept Him we then become the “righteousness of God in Christ”. He said He has come to save the world, not to revile or judge the world. The time for that is to come. This hour is the hour of grace and mercy for the lost. This is why the message of the gospel is “Go ye into the entire world and preach the gospel”… after which comes the judgement.  Those of us who have embraced the message of grace and compassion are to carry out the order of “Go ye” and not condemn and judge.

Christians today tend to forget from where grace picked us all from. God’s saving grace pulled us from the gutters of the earth, from the darkest places and brought us to God’s amazing light. Who are we to look down on sinners? Some of us are deficient in the compassion that has been shown us, and as such can’t, and don’t evangelize. We lack the burden for the lost. Our church pews are either empty or filled with overfed “saints” who can’t bring a sheep home to the sheep’s pen. We focus on what blessings we can get, pray for more and more blessings for me, my family, myself and I. The intention of the kingdom is lost to us; which is to deplete the realm of darkness. We sit in the kingdom as royals taking advantage of every benefit of the kingdom life for ourselves and fail to use God’s blessings to move God’s agenda forward.

We pray for our protection and safety and that of our families on this earth to what point? We pray for long life to what purpose? Think about this. Jesus already prayed to the Father for our safety from the evil one. He asked that God should shield His disciples from the evil one, and also those who believe in Him through their preaching. You and I fall into the second group. The only reason for Christ’s prayer is so we can carry on the work that He has begun which is saving souls. Our mission is to make disciples of all nations. That’s why we are left here. Or else, we should’ve been called home the same day we were saved. We were saved to save others.

Christians have become conceited and taken upon ourselves the liberty to judge the weak rather than save them. We want to protect ourselves where God has not called us to do so. Jesus already did that successfully. If we get with the programme, His prayer of protection over us will work for us. We would not have to battle for our own wellbeing by fearing others. Dislike of foreigners is not companionable with the message of love we’re called to proclaim. It’s at odds with the heart of our God. Jesus proved this to be true if we study how he treated those who were ostracised from society… the Samaritans, the lepers and everyone who was down trodden he brought close. He scoffed at the duplicity of religious leaders and custodians of the law.

Next time you meet someone who is not like you, seek to understand them, and get to know them. Don’t discard them because they are different, or are of other beliefs and values, or sexual orientation. Show them God’s unbiased love. Everyone is deserving of God’s love. That’s why Christ died. That was and still is His passion; love for the human race where there are no Jews or gentiles. Here lies the crux of the matter; John 3:16

“For god so loved the world and gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life”