I’m older and forgotten what it feels like

True love that is.

If it ever truly was love.

The last time it was smothered by insensitivity.

I forgot.

It’s been a long time ago.

My memory of it is from a forbidden place.

Was it wrong?  Too young to


Again I ask what love is?

They called this infatuation

I felt differently, to me it was love.

It felt good, giddy and happy

to have it around while it could stay

Heartbroken to let go,  but they said

It would  get better, it was infatuation.

Yes, it got better, but never to feel

that innocent way again.

looked all around

searched even in company of myself

searched even in a loving presence,

peeked into the heart of other’s  love

Can’t quite feel that innocent way again.

And they said it was infatuation?

Gosh!!! It felt so good!!!